Who we are

We are an impact sourcing digital service provider, and innovative startup incubator founded in 2015 in the north of Kenya (Turkana County) by European Entrepreneurs.

We offer clients high quality outsourcing services in IT & Media tasks, simple and repetitive ones but also more complex creative and technical ones in the field of programming, graphic design and video and music production.


We enable the youth living in rural, economically depressed regions of East Africa, to develop their talent and make a career while staying in their home regions.

What we do


We offer

to our clients from all around the world the opportunity to outsource IT and media tasks  to African talents.

Clients get

High quality services for lower costs while doing some good enabling them to achieve their CSR objectives.

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We support


African talents to become the driving force of their own development and achieve economic independence.


Talents get


Support to create and develop their digital startups within an innovative incubator,

Sales assistance to market their skills globally,

Ongoing formation by IT experts to continuously enhance their skills and the best work conditions in a campus-like environment.




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What we offer


Software development

Our programmers  primarily develop in PHP, Java, VBA, and Python. They do database development, back-end & front-end development, and post release maintenance such as testing and debugging.

Web design

Our web-designers are specialized in HTML & CSS,  PHP, Java Script, SQL, and WordPress. They create, build and maintain websites, ensuring their security.

Mobile App Development

Our Mobile App developper focus on PHP, Java, Android Studio, and C#.

Graphic design

Our graphic designers are specialized in Adobe Illustrator, InDesign & Photoshop. They create digital illustrations, vector graphics, icons, do all kind of photo work, from image correction to complex photo montage and products.


Video production postproduction

Our video team primarily work with adobe Premiere and After Effects. They produce documentaries & short films productions, do video compilations, ghost writing, tagging material, colour correction,video sound correction, etc.


Sound & Music production

Our music studio personell are specialist in Cubase and Audition.They produce soundtrack for movies and documentaries, creates songs and beats on demand, and master all kind of technical tasks from simple voice cleaning, to more complex sound effects.



Fair trade outsourcing services to Africa's top talents



 They trusted us!


“Startup Lions impacts those most in need while delivering real business value to clients!”



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